About Esbeem

Why start?

This company was founded because I saw a problem that needed fixing. I see a lack of empathy as one of the biggest problems we face today. By better understanding each other, we can not only be nicer to each other but solve problems more quickly and effectively.

What is Esbeem?

Esbeem is a veteran-owned business that builds digital platforms. It is based out of southwestern Pennsylvania but is willing to work with anyone who has the means to communicate digitally. We focus on helping customers and small businesses learn more about each other, increasing empathy, trust, and sales.

Esbeem’s Mission

Esbeem will increase empathy between customers and companies via digital platforms, enabling businesses and organizations to further their cause.

Esbeem’s Vision

Esbeem hopes to enable a world where customers and companies better understand each other’s needs. Customers can spend their money to help further a company’s just cause and companies can craft better products, services, and experiences.

Esbeem’s Core Values

At every opportunity, Esbeem will conduct business with adherence to ethics, empathy, and equity.


  • Be truthful and transparent with customers
  • Do not enable hatred, divisiveness, or bigotry


  • Understand customer goals and put them before profits
  • Know our limitations and not over-promise or under-deliver


  • Help every customer and business grow, no matter the starting point
  • Find and show companies their unique ability to succeed

Esbeem in the Community

Esbeem is a proud member of the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber of Commerce